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The Evolution of Jazz Violins

Since the early 20’s, violins have made their way into the entrancing world of jazz and have cemented their unique place amidst the traditional jazz instruments. The early jazz violinists Eddie South, Stuff Smith, Claude Williams and many others were responsible for the up thrust in the usage of violins in jazz recordings.

The history of violins in jazz dates back to the traditional and swing era of jazz. Apart from the aforementioned jazz violinists, many European jazz violinists came into more

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Learn Jazz Violin Melodies & Swing – Video

Violinist Jeremy Cohen talks about his book and 2 CD set, “Swing Jazz Violin with Hot Club Rhythm.” The melodies and solos are recorded at both slow and regular speeds, and you’ll be able to practice them – along with your own improvised solos – all with extended band rhythm tracks.

Cohen’s book set is the violin version of Dix’s “Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm for Guitar” and “Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm for Mandolin” but with four extra more

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How To Play Jazz Violin Video

Violinist Christian Howes sits down and answers the question, “How to play jazz violin.” Chris goes through different chords and shows different methods of playing jazz music on the violin.

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